Understanding VAGINAL atrophy

Time, hormonal changes due to menopause, changes in weight and pregnancies may cause the labia majora to lose their shape. They may shrink in volume and become smaller (fat atrophy), giving the genital area an aged appearance.


The labia majora then appear dehydrated, shrunken, withered and loose, with excess skin. Many women are concerned about the appearance of their intimate areas and find it difficult to reveal themselves.1


Apart from the aesthetic aspect, the labia majora no longer play their role of protecting the labia minora and vaginal opening, thus leading to vaginal dryness. This may result in a lack of secretion retention, daily feelings of discomfort, irritation, chafing, and disrupted sexual function with sexual intercourse becoming painful.

What causes atrophy?

In most cases, there is no specific cause of labia majora atrophy. Most often, it occurs over time and following hormonal variations. Some women may experience labial atrophy in adolescence, whereas others may experience its loss of tone and firmness over time, along with the natural ageing of the skin.

In certain cases, hormonal changes due to menopause, severe weight loss or childbirth can alter the appearance of the vulva with a loss of volume in the labia majora.

What is the purpose of intimate remodelling?

The female pubis comes in a variety of shapes. The size and symmetry of the labia are highly variable. Differences may be hereditary or the result of normal ageing.


Natural childbirth may affect its appearance, as well as sexual function and self-esteem, especially in cases of tearing or perineal incision. A longer or larger labia may interfere with sexual or sports activities. Prominent physical anomalies may lead to functional uneasiness. Vaginal laxity after childbirth results in a loss of friction during sexual intercourse and lower sexual satisfaction. 


The objective of intimate remodelling is to improve body image and well-being through hyaluronic acid injections. This procedure improves the function and aesthetic appearance of the vulva and restores the sensuality of a woman’s intimate areas by giving it more fullness and firmness.


The DESIRIAL® PLUS treatment may be an alternative solution for women who cannot or do not want to undergo surgery.


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