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DESIRIAL® is an injectable gel that is entirely dedicated to the intimate well-being of women affected by vulvovaginal dryness. It is designed and manufactured in France by Laboratoires VIVACY, specialists in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing products for over 16 years.


This product is made from hyaluronic acid that is stabilised using VIVACY’s own unique, patented technology,1 the “IPN-Like Technology”.


Hyaluronic acid can be transformed into an injectable gel for treating women affected by vulvovaginal atrophy. Given its short life cycle and water solubility, the molecule must be stabilised using a cross-linking process.


DESIRIAL® helps soothe irritated areas, restore good hydration and strengthen tissue quality. Hyaluronic acid is delivered directly to the tissues that need it.

1Laboratoires VIVACY (France). Biodegradable cohesive single-phase hydrogel. WO2009/071697 A1. 2008.

The benefits of DESIRIAL® treatment


An 8-week bi-centric pilot study was conducted on patients suffering from various symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA), such as dyspareunia, dryness, pruritus and irritation. It established that multipoint intra-mucosal vaginal injection of DESIRIAL® injectable HA considerably reduced the symptoms of VVA.


These findings also confirmed a significant improvement in the overall satisfaction of patients and their sexual function.


Eight weeks after injection with DESIRIAL®, patients reported:


• A significant decrease in vaginal dryness.
• Reduced pain, especially during sexual intercourse.
• Fewer symptoms, such as the feeling of irritation.
• A significant decrease of pruritus.


Another clinical study2 carried out on 95 women, 52 of whom were affected by VVA, demonstrated that DESIRIAL® hyaluronic acid injections considerably reduced vaginal dryness and the resulting pain during sex or penetration, i.e. insertional dyspareunia (felt at the entrance of the vagina), for an average period of 9 to 12 months.


• Better quality of life1
• Hydration that lasts up to 12 months2
• Improved tissue quality for up to 6 months1
• Irritation, itching, and vaginal dryness reduced for up to 6 months1

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Improved quality-of-life for 94% of women post DESIRIAL®1 treatment.

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DESIRIAL® improves hydration for up to 12 months in intimate areas where discomfort may occur.2


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1An open, non-interventional post-market, follow-up study assessing the efficacy and tolerance of DESIRIAL® PLUS in its intended use scenario. Study report (RA1600501): analysis with 35 injected patients, possibly with top-ups. Immediate volume increase effect assessed by the physician on a scale of 1 (very low) to 10 (very good). Average grade of 9.3 just after injecting the product. Atrophy assessed by the physician on a scale of 1 (no atrophy) to 4 (severe). Statistically significant decrease in grade after 6 months compared to the grade before injection (average grade of 2.7 before injection and 1.4 after 6 months; p<0.001).

2Berreni N, Salerno J, Chevalier T, Alonso S, Mares P. Evaluation of the effect of multipoint intra-mucosal vaginal injection of a specific cross-linked hyaluronic acid for vulvovaginal atrophy: a prospective bi-centric pilot study. BMC Women’s Health. 2021 Aug 28; 21(1):322.